Loc. Castelvecchi · 53017 Radda in Chianti (SI) Italia

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The core of Monteriggioni is a small fortified village situated along the via Francigena.
Monteriggioni is a place beyond the boundaries of time, where art, history and landscapes merge in a rare example of natural beauty.
The fortifications of "Mons Regionis", created around a pre-existing rural settlement with Lombard origins, date back to the year 1214. Dante himself was so impressed by the vision of the city walls of Monteriggioni, that he made the famous similarity between its two towers and the chained giants.

In the territory of Monteriggioni it is also possible to find places and monuments of historical and artistic importance, including the Church of Santa Colomba.

Inside the church, behind the high altar, you can admire two large frescoes representing the Nativity and the Crucifix. On the right wall, fragments of a fresco can be seen, representing one of the miracles of Saint Nicholas, resuscitating three youths.

Not to be missed is the castle of Monteriggioni, surrounded by imposing 2 metre thick city walls in an elliptic shape, interrupted by 15 towers and two gates, encircling a hill named Monte Ala.